At William Doyle Funeral Home, funerals are arranged to suit every family’s needs and timing. We will always plan the funeral to make it unique so as to celebrate and honour the individual’s life.

Cremation Service

We provide a full cremation service for families.

Cremation services, like burials, can take place after a funeral service in the funeral home or the person’s place of worship. At present the only crematoriums nearest to Wicklow are all located in Dublin and there is full planning granted for one in Shankill, Co Dublin to be built in the near future.

William Doyle Funeral Home offer a number of options to families who do not wish to travel to Dublin immediately after the funeral service, such as:

  • The family can leave the service to attend refreshments at a location of their choice and then proceed to the crematorium at a later time that day.
  • The journey to the crematorium can be done the next day normally for close family and friends.
  • The final farewell can be done at the funeral home service or place of worship and the removal to the crematorium can be done privately by the funeral home.

Civil and Humanist Cremation or Burial Service

These services can be conducted at the funeral home, crematorium or a location of your choice followed by burial or cremation. Where the burial is local it normally takes place after the service. If the service takes place somewhere other than the crematorium then the above options listed under cremation service can apply.