The current pandemic has brought on unprecedented changes to the funeral customs and traditions of this country.

Due to social distancing and restrictions on gatherings we are unable as a community to pay our respects to family members and friends in the way we were accustomed to. Church services and Masses are limited to 10 people and restrictions are in place in cemeteries but these vary from area to area. People are unable to travel home from foreign locations and even from other parts of the country to attend funeral Masses and services.

Live Streaming Service for Funeral Services and Wakes

Streaming of funerals in churches has become important for families to be able to share their loved ones farewell with extended family and friends. In response to this, William Doyle Funeral Home also offer streaming facilities and webcam in our funeral home to facilitate people unable to attend services and family wakes.

Burials & Cremations

Services can take place in the funeral home prior to burial or cremation.

In the case of burial, the coffin can be removed to cemetery after the funeral home service. With cremation the family may travel to the crematorium after the service or the removal to the crematorium can be done privately by us.

As there are no crematoriums in Wicklow Town or County, this will alleviate the need for the family to travel to the crematoriums in these restrictive times, as the nearest crematoriums are based in Dublin. The term Cremation Chapel does not mean that there is an actual cremation facility attached at that location.

We are Here to Offer Assistance in Any Way We Can

Whatever your requirement, we will facilitate you at all times.We are free to answer any questions you may have in relation to any aspect of funerals during this period.

Please contact us if there is anything you need to know about how we can assist you during this difficult time.